There shall be several types of membership as listed below.

  • Members are expected to volunteer their time and skills.  However, there shall be a non-refundable membership fee which is determined by management or a committee selected to do so.
  • Membership termination
    • Member tenders his/her resignation
    • Management cancels the member’s membership for unacceptable behavior.  Such member has the right to appeal to a disciplinary committee which makes recommendations to management or to the general meeting.

Members can only be in one category

Our online membership application form can be accessed here – Membership Application Form

The Membership Committee shall review all applications and submit them to the Board of Directors with a recommendation. Election of members shall be by a majority vote by a quorum of the Board of Directors at any meeting thereof Any applicant so elected become a member upon payment of the subscription as provided in 5.1 hereof.

The membership categories and qualifications required for each are listed below.

Membership Levels

Full Member

M.Sc. (M.S.) in IT or related field with 1 years experience or B.Sc. (B.S.) with 3 years experience or IT certification with 5 years experience or more than 10 years experience in IT field

Such member shall have voting rights

Student Member

A person attending a community college or university pursuing an associate degree or B.Sc. in IT or related field.

Such member shall not have voting rights.

Affiliate Member

Anyone in the IT field who has not reached the requirements for membership in the grades stated above.

Such member shall not have voting rights.

Corporate Member

A registered company that has information technology as a significant component of its business operations.

Such member shall have at most three representatives but one vote.

Honorary Member

A person who has made a significant contribution to GITA. This person would be given lifetime membership.

Such member shall not have voting rights.


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